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Get dynamic marketing leadership when you need it and only for how long you need it.

You may have a marketing or customer initiative in mind that you just can’t get moving right now.  Or, maybe you wish you had an expert resource with whom to bounce ideas.  Perhaps you’d like a fresh perspective on your go-to-market approach. Maybe you need help getting your sales and marketing teams to play together.

Strategic and Tactical Marketing Services Include:

  • Interim Marketing Department Leadership
  • Day-to-Day Short Term Marketing Leadership
  • Marketing Strategy/Marketing Plan Diagnostic Analysis & Assessment
  • Marketing Plan Creation
  • Branding/Brand Management Strategies & Tactics
  • Marketing Communications Strategies, Plans & Tactics
  • Content Marketing/Custom Writing (Blog, Newsletter, Press Release, Speech, Case Study/Customer Success)
  • Sales & Marketing Team Integration to Optimize Customer Traction
  • Customer Marketing Material for Sales Teams
  • Executive and Marketing Team Coaching
  • Customer/Consumer Research Project Management
  • Small Business Consultations
  • Nonprofit Marketing:  Membership Research Survey; Blog Producer & Editor

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Marketing Executive and Business Team Leader

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