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At One Stadium, Rookie Zevia Pushes Pepsi From Starting Lineup

It’s fun to watch the marketing underdog in action.

Starting this season, the Oakland Athletics will sell the first-ever naturally sweetened, zero calorie soda in Major League Baseball.  That’s because California-based Zevia Zero Calorie Soda is now the team’s official soda sponsor.

Photo: Zevia.

Photo: Zevia.

It’s quite the accomplishment for underdog Zevia, which produced $60 million in 2013 sales.  Pepsi held the soda sponsorship in previous years, and will still be available at the stadium, though.

The Zero Calorie Soda of the Oakland Athletics partnership includes: Continue reading

Swedish Flooring Company Gives Away Flip-flops To Sell New Product

Photo: iStock.

A Swedish flooring company demonstrates you can breathe new life into an old marketing tactic: sampling.

No, I’m not talking about carpet squares mounted on a board or a child’s toy-sized piece of wood floor.

Forbo Flooring Systems, working with agency Valentin&Byhr, figured out how to break-through to the architects who spec their products.  They created flip-flops made from the floor material, and packed it up in a gift box: Continue reading

Dodge Durango Marketing and the Legend of Ron Burgundy

Did you see Will Ferrell being interviewed in Ron Burgundy character last week on Conan O’Brien?  Funny stuff.

It was part of the marketing for the upcoming movie sequel: Anchorman 2 – The Legend Continues.

That marketing also includes Dodge Durango using Ferrell portraying Ron Burgundy to sell cars.

Photo: Dodge Facebook.

Photo: Dodge Facebook.

Dodge-Anchorman Marketing Connection

Beyond the Conan O’Brien show laughs, I noted and then had to check Conan’s comment about how the Ferrell/Burgundy commercials increased Dodge Durango sales 59% in October.  Yep, Conan had his math right.  As for the causal effect, more in a moment. Continue reading

For a Close Shave, It’s Captain America to the Rescue?

Kiehls Comic Book CoverWhy is there a Captain America comic book inside my Wall Street Journal?

That’s what I wanted to know last week.

The answer:  Kiehl’s, the self-proclaimed “purveyors of the finest skin care” products, wants to boost sales with men.

So they targeted WSJ readers in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco on June 6th with a high-quality Marvel custom edition insert.  It caught my attention for marketing investigation purposes.

Call it content marketing, branded content or co-branding.  The “comic book” features a Captain America cover and 12-page custom comic book story, plus seven more pages of men’s skincare advertising from Kiehl’s, who claim they don’t advertise.

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I understand the marketing logic for high-end grooming products targeted to men who read The Wall Street Journal.  The newspaper has frequent ads for premium-priced products, including for men.

It’s hard to explain the comic book connection, though. Continue reading